Developing skills

Learning a new language means developing skills that allow you to process what other people say in another language and to communicate what you want to say.

When we learn a language, there are four skills that we need for complete communication; reading (receptive skill), writing (productive skill), listening (receptive skill), and speaking (productive skill).


As a teacher, you will need to address each of these skills. And, whenever possibleyou should utilize activities that integrate all four skills since each reinforces the other.

I tried to do an activity to apply in a future, in which my students will use the four language skills. For this, I use this application  that I found in this blog

My students are beginners and in my course book unit 5 is about animals. What I want to apply, as homework, is the following: they have to choose their favorite animal and answer the following questions, where does it live? What color is it? How big is it? What does it eat? What can it do? What’s and special about it? For this, they have to investigate the characteristics of the animal that they chose to answer the questions above; this implies that they have to read and write.

Then, with the responses, they should make a recording here  saying, as a text, the characteristics of the animal but something important, they must not tell what animal it is. This implies that they have to speak.

This is an example Flecha-34

Finally, they have to send the recording to all your classmates and to me also. This in order to listen to all the recordings and try to guess what animal is. The next day, they have to bring in writing, the name of your classmate and the name of the animal that he/she assumes that his/her classmate described.

The application of Vocaroo is very easy to use, so they will not have any difficulty performing their activities.

The way I’m going to evaluate this activity is using a rubric, considering only the activity of speaking.

CATEGORY 1 2 3 4 Score
  • Most utterances contain errors.
  • Many utterances are incomprehensible.
  • Frequent errors that confuse listener and require guessing at meaning.
  • Comprehensible, generally correct.
  • Occasional error.
  • Phonetically correct.
  • Almost error-free.
  • Awareness of accent.
  • Genuine effort to sound like native speaker.
  • Constant searching for vocabulary, verb tense.
  • Does not complete utterances.
  • Frequent hesitations.
  • Halting, searches for words.
  • Occasional hesitation.  Searching for words.
  • Speaker can self-correct.
  • Smooth flow.
  • Quick, continuous flow.
  • Natural pauses.
  • Inadequate vocabulary or incorrect use of
  • lexical items.
  • Communication difficult.
  • Vocabulary is just adequate to respond.
  • No attempt to vary expressions.
  • Basic.
  • Good, appropriate vocabulary.
  • Generally good response.
  • Very good; wide range.
  • Uses appropriate and new words and
  • Expressions.
  • Interesting response.
  • Most structures incorrect.
  • Constant use of infinitive; no conjugation.
  • Errors impede communication.
  • Many errors (agreement, verb forms).
  • Errors in basic structures.
  • Two or fewer syntax errors.
  • Minor errors that do not impede communication.
  • Self-corrects on some.
  • No grammatical errors.
  • Speaker self-corrects without hesitation.

3 pensamientos en “Developing skills

  1. Jessica,
    You have a great plan here, from the start to the assessment.
    Do you think that Vocaroo is limited to one age group or is it open to any age?
    How do you think it compares to a site where you can upload a visual reference, like a picture? Have you tried Fotobabble or Voicethread? On Voicethread you can even comment back and forth.

    Me gusta

    • I think the application of Vocaroo is simple and easy to use so it is suitable for children over 8 years. They do not even have to register and in just two steps is sent to its destination. I’m fascinated with these apps that you said. I was looking for something like this. Undoubtedly these types of sites with videos and images are much better for activities, is incredible the amount of exercises you can do with these apps. In these applications you can work much better in the development of the four language skills than in Vocaroo.

      Me gusta


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