Motivational strategies in an EFL class


I found this fabulous video of an English class. I am personally fascinated. I had never seen a teacher, received with music, to their students. It’s an amazing idea; it is like to encourage them to listen to music and sing in English.  The classroom is very well decorated, creating a pleasant and orderly atmosphere. This is very important because students feel relaxed in a calm and fun space. The teacher treats them as friends and not as students, he gives them security and confidence. Students come to the classroom and take their place, after, they preparing themselves the activity in the white board to start the game. Apparently, the methods of the teacher are good, because the guys seem to speaking in English.


I made a comparison on a Venn diagram, where I write on one side what motivational strategies the teacher used and on the other side what strategies I would use as the teacher of that same class.

Is a bit hard to say, other motivational strategies because the teacher in this video applies several, not all strategies appear in the video, but it makes me imagine that he applies all. He puts challenges and encourages students through a fun class. For me he does a very good job.

Click on the Venn diagram for a better view venn 22

Finally, it seems important to me to mention which are the motivational strategies.

  • The teacher
  • The classroom atmosphere
  • The task
  • Rapport
  • Self-confidence
  • Interest
  • Autonomy
  • Personal relevance
  • Goal/Target
  • Culture


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