My Personal Learning Philosophy


I created a project about my personal learning philosophy. I created a PPT in Office and I uploaded with I call my theory, theory of interest and awareness. I hope you agree with me, even a little. It is the first time you used this online program, so my project is not a big deal, but I promise you that the second time I use it, it will be better.

 Check it out 


styleI also included information such as my personal learning style and my multiple intelligences. It is very important to know your own learning style. It will be much easier to learn, if you know your style. The human brain is unique, each head is a world, and it is for this reason that although humans have the same brain structure, each person receives information in different ways. By the way, I agree with the results I got. I am an auditory learner, I have to work on my concentration when I read and in my multiple intelligences, I’m surprised, because I got a very similar percentage in each intelligence, the difference is very little, except linguistic.

You can also take the tests, if your want to know your personal learning style.    RV-AI819_NEUROM_DV_20121116190605

I leave the links below.


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