Bloom’s Taxonomy

For me, the Bloom´s Taxonomy is like the way I can assess the degree that have my students.  (It start with a level of knowledge and end up with a level of assessment), in this way I can know if my student has reached a level of assessment of understanding in any topic or if he is still in a lower level of comprehension. It can be very useful for creating more specific lesson plans, make goals, that your learning be successful and helps me that my students use thinking skills. Particularly, makes me realize that I cannot teach everything at once, but that learning should be gradual, both in quantity and complexity.bloom

To the planning, I think we must consider what is it that I want my students to learn? What activities do I have to do to achieve their objective? What resources I will use for this? How do I measure the learning of my students? and time.

According to what I read, Bloom’s Taxonomy, is always used as a tool to establish learning objectives, and even today, is still valid, however, it have made updates to it, is now adapted the digital age, that is, you will incorporate the ICT (Information Technologies and Communications) to the learning process.

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Despite being a subject that is not in the book of TKT, I think it’s very important to know it, because it is very useful, interesting, appropriate, practical and effective, moreover, is as a teaching method to help me a lot in my classes.

This is my activity to categorize the thinking skills involved at the 6 levels of the cognitive taxonomy.

In my coursebook, the unit 6 is about countable and uncountable food; after having reviewed food and drinks and countable and uncountable nouns, beginner level young learners will:

  1. Recalling: Describe the food groups and identify at least two foods from each group, noting whether they are accountants or uncountable.
  2. Understanding: Write a simple menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner using the food guide.
  3. Applying: What would you ask the customers of a supermarket if you were doing a survey of what food they eat? (10 questions).
  4. Analyzing: Prepare a report on what people in your class breakfast.
  5. Evaluating: Make a booklet about the 10 most important food habits for the whole school eat healthy.
  6. Creating: Compose a song or poem for selling apples.

Remember you cannot ask in evaluating what you have not caused…


Un pensamiento en “Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. Jessica,
    Your activities seem like fun, even at the HOTS level. Writing a menu using the food guide seems like it might even be creating, don’t you think? The survey in applying also seems like a HOTS activity. I think these are thrilling activities and that if you apply these kinds of activities in your classes then your students will be very engaged indeed.

    Me gusta


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