Discipline in the classroom


For me, discipline is ways of behaving, whether good way or bad way, are different forms of attitudes. Have discipline, means to behave in a certain way, follow the rules or order.


Definitely, in every classroom must have discipline, which is set by the teacher and is the one who must try to enforce it.

There are breaches of discipline when rules established by the teacher are not met and is said to be an undisciplined student for not behaving well so you have to draw attention to him or her.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to teach, but I definitely would love that in my classroom has discipline and a positive environment.

I remember one case where a teacher had an incident with a classmate, in fact, several teachers had problems with him because he was too restless and always was talking, looking at the phone, drawing things in his book, and he never paid attention to classes.

Teacher: Please silent Carlos

Student: I’m not doing anything!

Teacher: I’m seeing you talking, if you do not feel like being here; leave the room please, because you are distracting your classmates.

Student: I am working!

Teacher: Show me your notebook…

Student: Here it is!

Teacher: Where is all that we have worked today?

Student: Ah! I have hurt my hand. I cannot write. It hurts me.

Teacher: Ok, tomorrow, I want you to bring me everything we did today; otherwise, you will not enter to the class and sit here in front of me for now.

Obviously is a student who needs lots of attention for his behavior. I think that what the teacher did was the right thing, because if the teacher had kept saying things, they were not going to get anywhere.

To teach, I’m seriously thinking I need to take courses that cover these topics, so I know what to do in these cases.


Un pensamiento en “Discipline in the classroom

  1. Jessica,
    Too bad TKT does not go into depth with this sort of behavior management. If a class is interesting for a student then each students is less likely to act out. That is the first line of thinking. As we saw in our lesson plans, we must design our lessons to reach all the students, even the one with “ants in their pants,”

    Me gusta


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