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It is important to find a better method to learn vocabulary instead of rewrite a big list of words or memorize all. Learning through exercises, games and quizzes are a funny and interesting way to learn English, so I tried to do some easy games just to remember the glossary terms and then their meanings and examples.

     Check the following links.

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The first link corresponds to the glossary terms of the second unit.

This game consists in a crossword. You have to click start and then the crossword appears. You´ll see a clock in top that will be counting the time you perform the activity but do not worry, it is just for your record. You have all the time that you need. In the right side you will see the clue and an example that allow you think in the possible answer. You have to click in one of lines crossword and write the word. You decide in what order you want to answer. This activity has two options that help you show one single letter of the search word or the complete word. When you finish, click in “check” and will appear your score.

The second link corresponds to the glossary terms of the third unit.

This activity is a test. You have to click start and then the questions appear. You´ll see again the clock in top that will be counting the time you perform the activity. You have to choose the correct answer and then click “next”. When you finish click “end” and your score appear and you could see the correction of your answers.

I hope they are useful.

See you next time!


Grammar according to our purpose.

It is no doubt that the grammar is a very essential part when you learn a language. In this case if you want to learn English is important to have a basic knowledge of grammar. A student should know much grammar as possible. It is important to study it, learn everything and know well the basics of the language, and if you do not learn the basics of the language, you can not speak English fluently.


Despite this, in my opinion, it is up to each person in what grade wants to learn English. For instance, if you just want to speak and understand English just to communicate with or just to understand a foreigner, I think you do not need to get to know a lot of grammar rules, tenses or very complex things. You’d need only to start with the most basic of the language and a lot of practice, and so, once you have mastered it, I think, it would be much easier to understand the structure of the grammar then, of course, only if you want to have a better standard of English and if you would like to use it for another purpose. It is better talk fluidly to want to say things very complicated or say them bad. This does not mean we do not have to study grammar; this is an option or method that I give to those who just want to learn for pleasure or pastime.

On the other hand, if you are someone who want to learn English for the purpose of getting a job or get something more profitable, for example, to be a teacher, it is indispensable and almost mandatory know everything about grammar.

Nowadays, forms of education have changed and they have necessarily to change to end the traditional way of teaching, it is no longer necessary to stay glued to a book of grammar, now, besides watching movies and series in English, listen to songs and read books there are many websites where there are very practical and understandable exercises, the idea is that everyone must have the intention and will to learn alone through the support of these exercises online.

check out these sites, I found them very useful and helpful.


Welcome to My Blog


I am really excited to start the TKT course. This is something completely new for me, I mean, I am not going to learn how to write, spell, listen, speak or grammar, I am going to learn how to teach and how to be a good English teacher.
Something new, as usual is a challenge, you have to have the intention, the will and the desire to learn and give all of yourself to be better.
I want to take this course because before to choose to be a lawyer, I would have like to be a preschool teacher, so never it’s too late.This is a good experience for me because I can improve my English and overcome some nerves and fears that I have. Also, I can supplement my college career with the English. I think that would be a way to get job a little easier.